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Nov 10, 2012

Felt veggies for play kitchen

Adithi wanted to have veggies for her play kitchen and i goggled for it and was amazed by the variety on offer. The images i found, inspired me to make some. Adithi's stress ulcer (till she gets used to changes , every time she gets anxious, her acidic re flux increases...) and the return of my migraine meant till time for crafting.

This week saw the birth of tomatoes, banana & ladies finger. Guess what Adithi has started sewing, well as of now only by hand, but great to start early isn't it? She is loving it and her first creation a felt tomato

She loves bitter-gourd (yes very peculiar palate like me!) and needs them in the list of veggies and wants apple, grapes, and peeled banana ASAP. needs to buy more felt now....

My list to dos which are to be done ASAP are :

  • Apron for self and Adithi

  • Adithi's paavadai sattai

  • Deepavali sweet, at least one ..

  • My outfit for deepavali

Well seeing the above list and comparing them with time actually available before deepavali, most of them would remain a wish list item at least as of now, lets see how much I can squeeze in...within the time frame

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  1. Hi Lakshmi, you are indeed a creative person.

    Yes, you can get lots of colours of felt material at the Bunga Ribbon shop in Jalan Tuanku Adb Rahman. For me, I love to buy beads, ribbons and laces over there for my sewing.

    Your diligent in sewing amazes me. I can never find enough time or energy to stick to my sewing for long. It's more to an on and off kind of thing. You are really inspiring.

    Take care :)

    1. Thanks Liz! wish i could spend more time in sewing, i hardly get the time nor the frame of mind these days , after seeing an upset Adithi most of the time...hopefully this too will pass soon.

  2. Wow what a pretty are so talented my dear. Best wishes to you and your cute daughter.


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