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Nov 29, 2012

Unforgettable day of my life ...

Yesterday was an overwhelming day! why because i lost Adithi and then found her back. Thank god for being with us.

Now to the craft that we did to overcome the fear and anxiety, was the one I found on the youtube link to Clover flower petal templates. On seeing that in the morning, i had thought, this is so simple, why would I buy it,  let me do it, after 2 not so impressive petal shapes, got the right shape and made the template in thick advertisement brochures that were lying in the coffee table !

Made a matching fabric flower bracelet/cuff to go with the Cucito Top for Adithi !

Highlight of this fabric flower was that, Adithi helped me in making it, yes both of us were little apprehensive that she had to use the fabric sciccors for the first time, but she managed it well in the end.

Yesterday was  a day, that we would never forget, as we were returning from our trip from Kidzania, Activity Theme Park , we reached Kelana Jaya LRT using the free shuttle from IPC Shopping centre. Let me go into the experience at Kidzania a little later, as of now the moment of the year, rather my life, which scared me the most ,  since Kelana Jaya was the terminus end of the LRT link, a train was already waiting, asked Adithi to hurry up, the next second, she ran and got into the train, before i could realize what was happening, the door closed and the train left , my Adithi was inside the train and i was terror stuck in the station. Contacted the station master, who contacted his peer in the next station immediately and asked him to stop the train and take care of Adithi, by giving him the details of the dress she was wearing...

I took the next train which came in what seemed like years to me, it was actually hardly a minute or two, ran to the station masters cabin downstairs on reaching the next station, Taman Bahagaya. He asked me if it was my daughter and after i said yes, he brought Adithi to me, hugged her and i lost my cool and cried, though i was calm till then, could'nt control myself on seeing her, thank god she was safe and back with me, i thanked the station master profusely.

Asked her how she managed these few minutes, she said, she cried initially after the train left and there were 3 uncles in the train, who told her not to worry and your mom will be back to take you with her, we will take you to the station master who will inform your mother, somehow she felt like trusting them and got down from the train and went with them to station master , who was already waiting in the platform by then... i thank those nice souls profusely, though i couldn't do so in person, may god bless them. Adithi was calm and composed when i saw her in the next station and it was quite surprising... given the fact that she is going through separation anxiety these days when i leave her at school and even in kidzania she was crying and was hesitant to start on any activity on her own, i had to nudge her into doing it

She started off whining, can you notice her whining (sorry for poor quality snaps, dim lighting and iphone photos!) the snaps that they took at kidzania for which they gave us link is not working, don't know why?!

then slowly, read very very very slowly she started settling down, well not quite, but almost ...

This phase of our live is quite challenging, but is making me a better and stronger mom, atleast i hope so and will help me nuturing my daughter better than before. Thank you god for everything, please do keep us blessed.

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  1. My God what a horrifying experience it must have been.I would have lost it completely and collapsed on the platform were quite brave!!

  2. That must have been so scary, for both of you! I hope you are both all right now. It's good to know that there's good people out there that have helped out.

  3. I can imagine how much you would have panicked. thank god you pulled yourself up and spoke to the station master. my brave soul!

  4. Gosh! its so scary if anything happens to our kids right..good to know some good samaritans are still out there..

  5. My goodness what a scary experience! So glad it all worked out ok!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. Whoa! scary indeed! So glad you found her with your quick thinking!!


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