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Dec 6, 2012

Falalalalalalala- Christmas Celebrations @ school

Deck the hall with bows of holly
Falalalalalalala !
Tis' the season to be Jolly
Falalalalalalala !
Don we now our Gay Apparel
Falalalalalalalala !
Troll the ancient Christmas Carol
Falalalalalalala .

Yes! Its time for Christmas Cheer as the school closes officially tomorrow for X-mas vacation and they have a gathering for singing Christmas Carols. Dress code is either Red / White / Green to symbolise the festive season.

Adithi does not have a Red dress in the recent past, the last one i made in Red and white was for Pongal 2011 (January) which can be seen here in this post. Actually quite surprising, because she loves red, but had recently drifted more towards purple and pink! We had left the red and white dress back home in India and will be bringing her heavy dresses / ball gowns back when we go home during holidays!

Hence i had the right excuse to make another dress for her, this was made in limited time (my sewing hours has shrinked a lot ever since we relocated to KL. This outfit was made in 2 days (read 5 sewing hours)

The bodice design using lace was the only clear design i had in mind, when i started and the skirt was the quickest to make being a full circle skirt. I had got 1.5 metres, which used to enough earlier for Adithi!, surprisingly this time it didn't fit, for she has grown tall and i forgot to get extra fabric and hence instead of ball gown, this will more of 3/4 length gown, which actually suits the occasion fine as she will be able to move freely in school.



The neck design was last minute addition. Actuallly wanted to add the ruffle lace at the frock hemline as well but did not have enough to cover the circle skirt circumference of 3.5 metres! Also a white belt was also in mind, in fact she already has one made for the Back to School Dress (but i guess we have left it back home as well!, need to pack a lot of her wardrobe this time!) , the belt had to be missed as i did not have any interfacing. But the end look is just right to be worn at school !

So how do i feel after having made the dress in a hurry! - well to be quite honest, exhausted, alongside i am also elated as it was well received by Adithi, she was so excited, that she tried it on the moment she saw it after coming back from school and asked me to take a photo shoot (hence the unkempt hair!) and willingly stuck lot of poses! Quite a rarity these days...

God knows if she will be so generous tomorrow as she will be in the "Oh i need to go to school, please no..." mood in the morning tomorrow! Hmm she is used to wearing color dress in her earlier Montessori school and after having moved here, she has to wear Uniform daily, which does not go down well with her, this is the second occasion after Deepavali, wherein she gets to wear color dress to school, i hope that is reason enough to keep her in good spirits tomorrow morning, she has gone to bed early, as i type this post, as she wants to wash her hair and set it free, to set the tone for the color dress !

So the dress shots and the impromptu action shots as of now ...

She loves twirly dresses .... 

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Today's Action Shots - As expected she was moody and hence teeny weeny smile !

She is trying ... and we do see slight improvement, as in she recoups herself after a while say first hour at school, i am not going to drop her these days, her dad alone goes to drop her at school, and she says that is helping her, as she is not feeling so bad to go into the class as she had already left me behind at home and does not feel that sudden feeling of leaving me at school ... oh my little one .. how i wish i could just wipe away her fears, may be this is also for good , as it is helping her learn life skills, which shall keep her in good stead in future. 

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  1. I can tell how much she enjoys wearing it. Twirly dresses are the best

  2. Lovely dress!!
    Please check out my blog for my latest posts.

  3. Oh, isn't she precious? What a beautiful Christmas dress. The sleeves are so delicate and lovely. Great job!

  4. She's beautiful!!! She seems proud of her new pretty dress. I stopped by from You like me linky. Come and check out my blog anytime. I'm now a new GFC follower ;)

  5. very cute! I just came over from run and play to check out my competition! :o)

  6. Beautiful dress!!! Your sewing is so well done!

  7. Such a gorgeous dress!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas time!

  8. Thank you all for the compliments . Xmas was great this year, we spent it with snow in Switzerland .

  9. What a beautiful dress! The lace looks so good agains the red.


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