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Nov 19, 2012

Yummy apron makes its debut!

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Apron ActionShots - Did you notice something out of place in this picture, no i am not talking obout the shiny reflection of my mixer jars!

Look again, can you see a screw driver in my apron pocket, what is it doing here in the kitchen? Mysterious isn't it, the mystery will be unraveled soon at the end of the post.

Close up of the print of the fabric used for ties and as bias strip binding. Adithi just loves this car print and a skirt in this print has been ordered by her about a fortnight back, need to make it quick!

Apron taking rest ...

This is a pattern less apron, just winged it up as it progressed !

Plan to make an apron for Adithi as well using same set of fabrics, with a twist! hope to finish it in a couple of days and will share with you soon ...

Now coming to the mystery of the Screwdriver, please click below to read the entire story behind it, let me not bother everyone with a big post, and for those interested, thank you for interest and i am really glad, that there is someone to listen to my story about daily mishaps in my kitchen!

Actually this photoshoot has a story to it, the first thing i made wearing this apron was a cup of tea for my hubby, who came in tired from the office (not due to office work, but due to the heavy traffic jam here in KL)

Made the tea and asked him to take a snap of me posing with tea, wearing the new apron, ASAP, he came in with the phone, i requested him to take it using ipad so that i can post it easily. Here i was in the kitchen waiting for him to come and no one came, actually Adithi had picked up the ipad and insisted on having it, so daddy and daughter were busy arguing and here i was busy posing and in the meantime, it totally skipped my mind that i had kept milk for boiling ... the milk boiled and spilled over onto the hob.... this really gets on to my nerves, WHY? because i have to clean this hob AGAIN.... god knows how many times i have cleaned it for spilled milk , ever since we have moved into the new house ;)

For the first time when there was foul smell, i had no clue why and where it was coming from and had the Hob service guy check it, he opened up the hob, scracthed off dried milk on the inside and said pay up RM55 ! what? wait a minute, i can do this... so from then on i clean the inside as well once a week! so this milk spill meant today was the day for this week, never mind , it was a monday and start of the week, spilled milk and oil waits for none for dry up and decay!

When i had searched online on how-tos clean the Elba Glass Hob Stove, i did not find anything useful, hence thought of sharing how to clean this model, may help someone who uses similar model

First unscrew the screws on the hot stainless steel coverplate using flower screw driver.

Then pull out gas turn on/off knobs and then slowly take out the glass cover and keep it aside

This is how the inside looks (don't worry this one is the cleaned up inside, i did not want to bother you all with spilled milk and dried oil snap!) Clean up as required, i use Mr.Muscle kitchen cleaner, it is very effective and causes less strain for us, but not so good for our skin, so immediately wash your hands using good antiseptic and make sure you moisturize your hands before you hit off to your bed.

After having cleaned the inside its time to cover the hob again, place the glass covering back and then place the stainless steel hot plate cover in such a way that it fits the ignition and gas supply points perfectly (the bigger hole in the plate is for the ignition spark, the white one! the tip given by the Elba service guy!) and then screw it tight.

Place the burners back on and then the iron stand. by the way my vessel bases are too small for the iron stand of this hob, gals from Malaysia, can you help me out with this, any idea where we can get add on stands to suit smaller base vessels, i remember having used them back in India, when we used smaller saucepan (the ones used for tempering)?

Put the knobs back and check if the gas is working fine!

and then the actual photo shoot happened, this explains the mystery of a screwdriver in my pocket, when  i am at work in the kitchen! 



  1. Sorry for the long post readers, i really don't know why the jump break which i had inserted before the glass cleaning story is not working. Sorry.

    1. Figured it out, that jump break works only in homepage for sites with dynamic views settings. So if you directly land up in Adithis Amma Sews and since i have posted it today, it will show up on homepage, wherein the jump break will appear. Whereas on the direct post page, since it has been opened as individual post page, the jump break will not appear. Sorry readers. Hope it made some sense. god why can't type simpler sentences..i know why, it is almost midnight and i need to doze off... bye for now.

  2. hello there,you can find in all hardware stores and Elba the cuppies print.hope you are settling nicely here.thats the biggest problem in Kl..whenever I go to KL,I avoid the rush hours, they drive me is Adithi?

    1. Thanks Mak Teh, i will search for the stove burner reducer stand in Hardware stores. Traffic at times is maddening, especially during weekends, Adithi is still in the on and off whining mood. and cries daily when she goes to school, seriously hope and pray that she is back to her happy cheerful self soon

  3. Great apron! and funny story to go with it! Always pays to have a screwdriver handy ! :)

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. Super apron - I love the binding; it really finishes it off prettily... I might try that if I make another apron

    Excellent job on the cooker cleaning too!

  5. Your choice of car fabric works well as the bias with the cupcake fabric.


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