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Jan 18, 2013

Drawing and color pencil holder

I am beaming with glee today! why because i managed to find some serious sewing time yesterday. 6 hours to be exact! YES 6 hours, someone please pinch me. My day starts at 5:05 am daily and ends at around 11:00 pm at night ever since we moved to KL. I do not believe in the concept that maid can do the household chores better than the home maker. May be i have Obsessive Cleaning Disoreder and dont trust an outsider to be able to keep my home clean enough,... hmmm i never had a maid in my life , till my in laws moved in with us after marriage! the maid story continued till Adithi turned 2 and from then on i took over the mantle again ! I do complain at times when the frustration peaks, but when i get some sewing time, i don't complain and yesterday was one such day!

Thanks to Chota Bheem DVD which kept Adithi busy for an hour in the evening after returning from school which helped me continue and finish the project

Coming to the project it is a Drawing and Coloring pencils holder with 2 racks of pencil holder slots and a zipper pouch which also acts as a cover for the drawbook enclosure. The zipper pouch can be used to store watercolor boxes, drawing papers if any or any other item which might fall of without closure.

I know this kid  'S'  and like her a lot. She is calm and composed; still has innocence left in her for a kid of her age, in today's world and is also mature enough, rare combination. Her b'day was in November and i had wanted to give a handmade gift (which i do with all kids who are special to me) but couldn't manage time as i had recently moved to our new home , stress regarding Adithi's schooling etc. I was thinking about kids accessories that can be part of the Kids Line i will be launching this month end and the drawing and color pencil folder , pencil  holder , coin pouches are few things that came to my mind. When i think of Drawing and kids, S's name popped up immediately as she is very good at it and attends drawing classes and will be very useful for her so decided to play with my latest obsession Brother Innovis 950 embroidery machine and made a monogram with her initial.

Inside - the book holder and zipper pouch on one side and crayon and color pencil racks on other

Used Adithi's drawing book for measure and template. Blue is S's fav color and hence scouted for the only one in that color i had in stock with my fabric stash! This project took longer than expected. I had initially thought i would be finishing it by noon, but no it continued on and on and i had limited piping fabric in satin added to my woes and hence took more time, but i am happy with the end result though, one minor flaw i noticed was that the lower crayon rack kind of shrinks when filled and disrupts the shape of the bag. may be i need to give more ease to crayon rack in the next folder i will make. I will have to make one for Adithi at the earliest possible, as she had tough time letting this go to someone else other than her, she is so used to her mom sewing for her and only HER and it was hard for her to accept that i made something for someone else, and that too one which she does not have!

Drawing pouch holder on one side and there is also an additional zippered pouch.

Have asked 'S' for feedback on using the folder and plan to incorporate any improvements if needed in my future folder projects.

I found this link to be very useful as i was searching for inspiration for this project; though i created my own template and went about designing and sewing it , as it progressed; however to get the bird's eye view of how to go about the project, the link was indeed very helpful.

Plan to make a few of these to keep the accessories section filled up to start with and i am yet to make the Pattu Paavadai which will make the clothing section..god i wish i had more than 24 hours a day. Can't wait to see the light of the day, when my Clothing and Accessories line  for Kids will be a reality... God Bless !

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  1. WOW it is so gorgeous and such a useful project too
    Dr Sonia

  2. What a cute bag! Great work! So nice to have some sewing time for yourself! I'm the same as you with wanting to clean my own house!!!

    1. Yes Jill, it really does feel good to have some serious sewing hours...sewing is therapy to me... never mind the neck aches and finger twitches, its all worth it :)

  3. Wow, those are lovely... Maybe a tutorial? Great to see you sewing again! How is Malaysia?

  4. Fabulous idea to include the zippered compartment!!! This is a great gift...

  5. Very cute! this will make a lovely gift for a little girl :)


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