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Jan 27, 2013

Fabric Fanatics - must visit for every fabric fanatic!

I am a Fabric Fanatic for sure. i love hoarding fabrics and after having moved to KL, i had left behind my huge stash of fabrics back home in chennai. I did ship part of them, but not in full as i do not have enough space here in the condo where i live currently. Hmm now i need more fabrics to keep me going and to get started on kids friendly products. 

Hence, fabric hunting has always been on the top of my mind, whenever I had been shopping, irrespective of the place I shop, yeah right it was there when I was doing my on they grocery shopping in a department store which had a floor dedicated to textiles, i did search but in vain!

I did find lot of interesting and nice fabric at those numerous stores in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, but those quirky , kid friendly fabrics in cotton and laminated ones were still missing... And then one fine day last week, during one of my endless google searches I landed on a treasure chest of what else fabrics... I landed on the website of "Fabric Fanatics". The display of available fabrics just lured me in, all that I was looking for and more was there. I started jotting down fav fabric using the fabric codes and after having finished my list, realized that I had to beg borrow and steal to make the entire list a reality. So i opted to listen to my wallet ;)

Last Thursday being a public holiday here in KL, we started off after having breakfast. Destination was summit usj mall , wherein fabric fanatics has shop at level 1. Adithi was not so keen on hearing about my fabric shopping plan, she hates shopping for my craft work, hmm how i wish she will be a bit more cooperative, anyways, luckily the shop next to fabric fanatics was Toy World and hence dad and daughter duo spent most of their time there and here is a moment out of the few minutes they spent alongside me!

I took 2 - 3 rounds of gazing sound the shelves of fabric and then managed to pick the "matpewka" fabric using which I have made the key fob card holder. 

Inside view - made using cotton fabric (lined with linen canvas to give more structure)

The above Key Fob Card holder is available for sale on my etsy store, 

Slowly but steadily I picked up pretty lightweight neutral cottons which useful fabrics to use on the inner layer while making accessories. I also chose the cute little kids print ( haven't decided on what to make using that) 

Then moved on to the Linen canvas and picked the beige canvas which I hope to use in most of the upcoming projects. My color palate for this trip was mostly in pastel and browns, except for the cute dinosaurs fabric.

Buying in fat quarter as a concept was new to me ; as is the measurement in yard. I am used to buying fabric in meters or minimum would be half a meter back home in India.

Michelle (I hope I got the spelling right) was very helpful and friendly. She even explained to me as to how use the tools for installing the rivet buttons, which I bought without even knowing how to install them! I am more of a instinct person and am never afraid of trying new things provided I like them.

I bought the metal clasps (which I have used up!) for making the coin pouch collection of mine... Need to restock them soon.

Cute ribbons, ykk vintage zipper, key ring holder, fusible batting, thick weight interfacing. Only thing I missed out was white velcro. Surprising but I am not able to get hold of white Velcro, instead they are available in all in vibrant colors! I need to go to Jalan TAR , Bunga Ruben to get my dose of velcro 

Also bought quarter yard of laminated linen fabric of girls dancing in Paris. Thanks to Michelle once again for the useful tip of asking me to put Vaseline on top layer as I sew so that the fabric moves along the feed I had no idea about laminated fabrics, looking forward to that interesting hour of sewing that fabric!

They have this small corner next to the billing counter where they showcase handmade items and thus help crafters in selling their wares. So thoughtful!

I missed out meeting Kelly, the owner of fabric fanatics , but to spoke her on the phone, to clarify a few doubts on my bill! She was very friendly and sweet. Hope to meet her in person soon, as I will make multiple trips to Fabric Fanatics store in near future! 

Looking out for some fantastic quirky good quality fabrics here in KL, then "Fabric Fanatics" is THE place to go! Oh Yes and also for other sewing trims and notions! Don't miss this place if you are in KL.

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  1. Hi Adithi, Thank you so much for the feature. I linked your blog in my personal blog here.
    Thank you so much. You blog feature really made me a very happy girl today. :)

  2. Looks like you've found a great shop there! You'll soon build up your stash with choices like that available!

  3. Wow, what a fantastic shop!! and you have made some gorgeous little things that kids will love :)

  4. Try Quilt gallery in Bangsar Village II also. They also have good quality fabrics and accessories.

  5. I am sure you will do more than wonders with the kinds of fabric and the prints available there..I really miss all thoe prints which were so easily available when I was in the US and UK..I wish they were available here too..



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