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Feb 4, 2013

Tee shirt mania and some breaking news!

What have i been up to the past week. well look below to know what i have done during the weekend and read further down to know what i was up to the last week ...

Half way set up the sewing table . Well i have planned to set up 2 cube shelves and place a tabletop on top of both of them using velcro, so that i can disassemble them when i am not sewing, coz i have limited sewing studio workspace in my condo here in KL. Will do a separate post on the table once it is completely set up, it would take this week, i guess!

Received a custom request for Stencil and braided back tee shirt and wanted to try out a sample before committing to the client, hence tried these during the weekend. Stencil paints are cool , but expensive here in KL and creating stencil using paper knife is such a pain, very labour intensive, wish i could a silhoutte machine giveaway, anyone who knows of any current giveaway in blogosphere, please do let me know, i am desparate, as this stencilling is so addictive.

Found a place called Árt Friend in Garderns Mall in KL, as we went searching for craft items for Adithi's school project, more about it later during the week.

Actually i started the week with Iron Board cover ,the fabric is from IKEA. I have padded it with polyester batting as of now, but would love to get hold of cotton batting to actually boost the padding of the iron board cover.

Coming to the Breaking News, well this week also sowed the seed for design ideas for Ladies clothing line from Adithis Amma Sews. Yes, it was time i sat down to sew something for self and this time when i decided to it, i wanted it to be a design which i can later use for the clothing line which i plan to add Ladies section as well to the current kids section. Stay tuned for more on this me i have a theme in my mind currently which is not so in tune with season favorite with valentine's round the i opt to wait and finish the entire line and then share them with you... fingers crossed !

Lesson learnt today , no not sewing lesson, but life lesson, never sit down to sew or blog when you have kept milk on the boil. I get really upset when i waste food items, how stupid of me to keep the milk on the stove and come down to blog, cleaning up the stove is altogether another story.hmm you live and learn .... never mind life's like that, live it up, right?!

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  1. You are being so productive! Sorry to hear about the milk mishap :S

  2. Hi Lakshmi...something for you on my blog. Enjoy....

  3. oh wow... ladies section.. sounds impressive!!


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