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Jan 13, 2013

Meet my Brother(s)

I have got not one but 2 brothers in my life now. I am referring to the latest additions to my sewing family. Got 3034 serger and Innovis 950 to  get some headstart to simple machine embroidery. Back home when i was searching for overlockers i wanted something like 3034, but had to settle with big industrial overlocker, no complaints on its performance, only issue being the size , it occupies almost half of my craft room. In my big apartment back home in chennai, i was able to afford it, however with the small condo that i live here in KL, space is a big constraint and hence i can't ship my industrial overlocker here, instead had to go for a new compact one. 3034 also does rolled hem and can attach eleastic (though they did not have the foot in stock currently :(  )

Innovis 950 was like all magic to me, i have sewn for about an hour or so yesterday and during all of that i never had to use my foot pedal, in fact i havent opened the foot pedal from the packing yet! Just a push of the button and it does the sewing, i can set an embroidery design and go make a cuppa coffee and come back and do wahtever i want to do with embroidery wow! how cool is that?! the limitation with 950 is that you can do only 4"by 4"designs, but that's ok with me, i don't want any elobarate designs for kids clothing, simple ones which are attractive will do.

The design finished while testing at the store! (Got mine from Cottage Patch, Ampang, just diagonally opposite to Ampang Point Shopping Center, friendly people and were very helpful!)

My new cute little baby brother at work !

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  1. wow...i am green with envy...happy embroidering

  2. wow! you are so lucky! that will help a LOT in the sewing business you are planning.
    search the net for free embroidery designs.. you will find a ton..
    and along with monogramming household linen, towels, embroidering kurtas, salwar kammeez sets.. wow... the possibilities are endless!

  3. Wow. that is a cool feature, and will be fantastic in your new business! I don't have any experience with brother sewing machines myself, so sorry, I can't give you any advice.
    Best of luck and I hope all goes well with the children's clothing line... how exciting for you! :)


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