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Apr 3, 2013

Custom tees for barchelerotte party

Hi Readers,

I know I haven't been posting for quite sometime. Will surely try to make amends and make a few tutorials which have been pending for quite sometime now. Paper bag skirt tutorial is the next one in the pipeline. I have promised myself to do justice to adithisammasews and blog more often. It's not as if there are lack of thoughts, there have been one too many, all related to sewing, but somehow couldn't drag myself to sit in front of the laptop and make a detailed post of the same. Trying to post this using ipad blogger app, if this works, I will be able to make more frequent posts...

Past month (March) did have its share of sewing time, a flower girl dress, summer top for etsy shop - . See this is the problem with compose in blogger app, I am not able to add links to text, need to figure that out. Will do a separate post on them as they are still awaiting their potential owner!

Got a custom order , my first one from within Malaysia... Yay!

It was for a bride and her batch of friends, customised tees with embroidery of Bride and Team Bride in the front and woven braided backs. Bought embroidery design from and did face n trial hiccups on using the design due to size problems, but the team at embroidery designs were so helpful and do excellent customer service, due to which I was able to iron out all issue with .pes files and the embroidery sojourn went smoothly , well almost. This project had its share of drama, the tees back got stuck in the feeder and the embroidery was on 2 layers, so the tee was rendered useless, I informed the client and she was very considerate and understood my issue and that it was an accident, so asked me if could find similar tee, she had got it from parkson, so it was hunting down the tee session at parkson, first visited the parkson at pavilion mall and they did not have it, so after all an hour of frantically searching, we ended up buying footwear for adithi's annual day performance (more on that in next post) and as I was waiting at th billing counter, a shop assistant was kind enough to find out ere I can find similar tee, and told me to check Parkson at sungai wang plaza . On reaching there, we (Adithi, hubby and me ) set out searching and when my hubby shouted with excitement, here is TOMGIRL tee, I heaved a sense of relief, I wouldn't want to let my client down. Need to fix my mistake or my machine 's I need town up for it right? So got the new tee and finished it during weekend. The client has received the parcel and liked the end result of how the tees turned out. Allis well, that ends well isn't it!

Now that I have added pics, I am not sure, how and where they ill be positioned, so bear with me till I figure out this blogger app.

Stay tuned for more regular updates from now on.



  1. Wow! Congratulations on your order, those tees are too cute, love the back detailing!



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