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Apr 11, 2013

Happy Ugadi

Dear Readers,

Wish you all a Happy Ugadi.

I can't believe its already in the evening 6:30 pm here, just felt like getting up at 5 AM. God how many hours have i spent in the kitchen today ... the max by far, that i had ever done , hmm all credit goes to the zing that i got from realizing that this would be the first ever Ugadi, where my darling daughter will be relishing Ugadi Delicacies made by ├┐ours Truly" Yup ... Me ! Hmm guess who is living it up, new found roles and joys and woes as well, of being in a nuclear set up away from extended family ... She loved the Ambode i made, one dish passed out of 5 dishes, no worries, there is always next time isn't it and Adthi doesn't like sweets so the other 3 sweet dishes i made, doesn't even count for her ! My own Kitchen and my own rules, bring it on baby!

No festival is complete without handmade dress for darling daughter. Made this outfit in a hurry yesterday in under 3 hours, almost 50 mins of which was spent on embroidery.

Did you notice the caption "Puzzle Expert", yes Adithi Loves Puzzles and is very Good at it! It has her favourite indoor pastime ! one of the puzzles solved by her, which has been framed, the option to buy a frame along with puzzle, here in KL is truly worth it, i can recollect how many puzzles (500+ pieces) she would have solved, spent hours on it, only to be dismantled after a week of display and put back in the box, not fair , isn't it... not any more, she can frame the puzzles she completes and savour them in future!

Since embroidery too much time, decided to keep the design simple and apt for summer, A-line tunic top with tie-up spaghetti straps. A teeny weeny box pleat at back neckline to give more ease while playing. The top is fully lined and is made of 100% cotton, perfect for the sultry summer days here in KL

Happy Ugadi once again and wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous year ahead!

A bermuda for Adithi has been in WIP for over a month now , need to wrap it up and then make a dress for the Girl 'S', about whom i had mentioned in my Drawing book holder post. A custom order request has also come, nothing is finalized yet, so more sewing coming up...

BTW, hold id\t, who was blowing their trumpet of days of free rule and ruling the kitchen, stop dreaming, in-laws would be here in town next week for a month long stay, get back to planet earth and get sewing! Now you didn't read this, got it !



  1. You are a good mother, making such gorgeous treats for your family :) Both creations look fantastic. And I am so glad to finally be able to address you by your name. Lakshmi is a beautiful name :)

  2. Thanks Carolyn. I was initially named as Lavanya, then renamed to Lakshmi. I somehow like Lavanya better as Lakshmi is a very common name and there were always 2-3 Lakshmis in my class in school !


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