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Apr 17, 2013

Dress fit muslin for new pattern

Making this dress for one of my fav little girl 'S' for whom I had made drawing book holder earlier.

Just tried the dress on her, it fits her to the T except for sleeve hem circumference, which is very minor, so on the whole, I am glad the first pattern draft fits her and now sewing in actual fabric will be lot more easier and stress free.

Making a muslin fit is not my cup of tea and I make it only for saree blouses, and guess what I hate sewing saree blouses, as alteration in them means you are doomed, well almost! I mostly get away with direct fashion fabric even with new patterns I draft, but with in laws in town, I wouldn't have e time for much alterations, nor the mindset to do alterations with my high stress levels, so decided to play it safe and made a muslin, it paid off and made my job lot easier.

Now will I make muslin fit in future, I will surely give it a try if it is the first dress I am sewing for the concerned person and I don't have any fit dress of theirs for template. For totally new and varied pattern that I draft also I would like to have muslin fit,I remember doing lot of muslin fits before I got the cowl neck part of Adithi's dress from Navarathri collection 2010, before I got the right drape, so it has been saree blouse or cowl neck for which I had made muslin fit, not necessarily in using cloth though!

I use whatever leftover fabric I have, like for this dress, i used left over lining and for neck patch I used the drawing book holder leftover fabric. Good way to destash odd color / length leftover fabrics of low price.

Now I need to make one of this dress type for my little ' rock star' here is the snap of her all set before her first stage performance at school about a couple of weeks back.


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