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Apr 19, 2013

Wardrobe Revamp - watch out

I have been sewing for many years now, dreamt of revamping my wardrobe many times and it has remained a dream ... Well not anymore, it will soon be reality.

Why this sudden enlightenment ... Adithi's friend refused to believe I am fashion designer, until Adithi showed her dresses, so what does that mean that I don't look like a fashion designer , rather don't dress like one!

So what do I dress up like normally, let me be honest ...
Start off the day with night suit , oh yes such an awesome start, actually I take early bath even before I send Adithi to school, and dress up in pyjamas! Pack her off to school, finish all my household chores, even sew around in the same set of pyjamas or dhoti pants.

So when do I change to something presentable, when I go to pick Adithi from school, so what do I wear, legging with kurta mostly or else free culture jeggings with usual suspect tops (3 interesting tops is all I have, shame on me) i am not counting store bought ones ...of late I have been wearing Capri length leggings with tops.

I can't believe I haven't sewn much for self, no impressive skirt! , no dresses! Most of my sewing had been for m loved ones and custom order or for etsy shop recently. now i realize that one does need to love themselves as well. hmmm ... Here I am living in multicultural hot pot city of KL like age old lady hmm so I promise myself to have an impressive wardrobe by the end of 3 months. Time to show some love for self!

Plan to sew these as they just came up in my mind, decided to jot it down

Indo-western tops (3)
Western style tops (3)
Midi length skirts (3)
Maxi dresses (2)
LBD (1)
LWD (1)
midi length dresses (3)

One common pre-requisite for all the outfits when i sit down to design them would be - They should be comfortable to wear and be modest! Is it too ambitious, well time will tell ...

Decided to start off with something which is in vogue now, high low hemline,plan to make a hi low skirt, something similar to one in pic below


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  1. Lol about the kids comment! :)

    Can't wait to see your creations! They are always lovely to look!


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