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May 19, 2013

Skort !

Made this one about a fortnight back, the photoshoot got delayed as Adithi didn't feel like wearing it for any of the recent outings, she is so picky and choosy about how she gets dressed up these days !

My parents are in town and we are in Genting Highlands, an hours getaway from KL , good respite from hot weather, though it wasn't as foggy as it was the last time when we came along with our Inlaws , which was about a month back, yeah twice in a months time .... In laws left and parents arrived , so we had to repeat all the outings we did with previous batch, no complaints on this outing though, as there is something for everyone in genting, dad and daughter happy with their video game station as I a typing this post :)

The skirt was made out of remaining fabric left from the Shirt Style Dress I had made for 'S'. These days I plan to add a shorts underneath Adithi's skirts as her skirt length preference is getting shorter by the day, talk about influence of cosmopolitan KL. In order to cover her modesty while she is jumping around in short skirts, I wanted to add shorts, this was a trial for that ( this skirt is infact long enoug to be worn as plain skirt ) 

I asked her to show the short underneath the, for which she said no way! And here is her reaction! Will update the shorts pic may be after doing the laundry ;)

She likes the 'skort' , so mission accomplished... 

My parents will be leaving next week and from then I plan to give life to the promise of self-love by sewing some outfits for self, stay tuned ...
Plan to post this skirt onto the Skirt Week over here



  1. Shorts underneath skirts for young girls are a great idea!!! This skirt looks so cute with the blue ruffle.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Tanya! She is fashionista in her own right and loves every bit of it :)

  3. The skirt is gorgeous! She is so adorable. What a fashionista! :)

    I'm currently learning how to sew. Would love to sew my own clothes.




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