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Jun 17, 2013

Matching Skirts and Shrugs !

The moment I saw crafter hours skirt week tutorial, link to which is given below,I knew I had to make one for self and I did :)

Custom fit skirt tutorial

Cotton satin that I had got about 2 months back when I was in springy mood, gelled well with the plain poly cotton green that my sister had sent through my parents . She had in fact sent lots of fabrics, of which I plan to make atleast one outfit for self , yes, remember I promised to show some self love and this the first outfit of the series !

Made the skirts first and the. Decided to make matching shrugs with leftover material, as I felt complete matchy match look is what I was looking for. 

Now can you spot 8 differences ;)

Also did revamp of my boring flip flops and added a matching fabric button to it !

We got some amused looks, some couldn't control their laughter (I wonder why, are we looking that funny in matching outfits) never mind, that is not going to stop my daughter and me from wearing matching outfits, coz we love wearing them matchy match !

Plan to sew more skirts, in different styles though, atleast one every week, lets see, fingers crossed. I had taken to swimming and it has become an addiction now which takes much of my sewing hours, but I hope to do better time management and have really productive sewing hours. 

Shoulder blades are stiff and sour , they were cramped already and swimming has aggravated is even further and I plan to rest for a while before I do anything in excess , as my body is craving for rest.

Btw, got a printer yesterday and hope to make good use of it for printing free patterns as well as sharing few patterns that I made, any tips on how to share my self drafted patterns, so that can be downloaded by readers as PDF . All advise in this regard is much appreciated 

Custom fit skirt from sewing like mad



  1. looking cute, both of you!
    yes, the matching boleros were overkill.. i would have made the adult skirt, and something else for mama's top. and wow L, that looks like a storebrought outfit! you are definitely a very talented sewist.

    1. Thanks Jaya ! Since adithi wanted matching tops as well I made the shrugs overnight . But later realised may be too kidding for me to flaunt, but never mind, she was by happy so that compensates for all those amused stares :) and yes thanks for the compliments on sewing skills, I can realise that my sewing skills have improved and it shows in the finish :)

  2. wow! matching matching! Loved it :)

    Bong's Belleza

  3. Omg this is SO cute! I am so happy my tutorial worked for you - because it clearly did :-) And thank you for the link.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and for compliments. Coming from you, the creator of the pattern, it means a lot to me. I hope to release few of the patterns I have drafted earlier especially the kids ones soon . Thanks for the inspiration !

  4. Both outfits look terrific!!! Love how you've added the button to the flip flops.


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