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Jun 24, 2013

Grapes ! oh so sweet ...

Dear Readers,

It was time for yet another competition @ Adithi's school, last month it was dance, the month before elocution, and what was it the month before, anyways, time to move on :)

Since I was having a stiff shoulder and had taken a break from swimming , I wanted to relax and not do any heavy duty sewing or craft, so decided to go for Grapes costume, thinking it will be for less easier than the robot outfit I made for her in 2012 new year celebrations in chennai !

Made a close neck long top with full sleeve and had its back full open with Velcro closure. 
Made a cap and Adithi painted leaves on chart paper, which were pinned on to the cap
Made gloves to cover the palms (could have given this a miss as her hands weren't visible after pinning the balloons ) sorry no photos of work in progress as I was rushing it all up in half a day !

Afr checking the fit, which was just perfect, hand stitched the blown up balloons on to the top carefully that I didn't burst them by poking the needle. This got tougher as I progressed from one layer to another , now I realise I should have gone bottom up instead of top down while stitching the balloons , would have made my work lot more easier, never mind , this is the learning I take from the project .

When other kids saw me waiting for Adithi in the corridor to dress her up, they rushed towards me and were curious to know why I am having a balloon dress , I asked them to guess and one intelligent girl guessed it right and they were so thrilled on seeing the dress , so was I, basking in the glory of the adulation of my creation ;)

Thank god for full back Velcro closure, it was lot easier to put the outfit onto her in few minutes. She was now all set to take the stage, except for one hiccup of course, it was her snack break and we had dressed her up and her hands were immobile. She was so happy that I will feed her in school, her dream come true :)

So here was the big moment, Grapes Eating Apple = Don't miss it :)


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