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Jun 28, 2013

Time to paint the town Red ...

Two colors catch my fancy these days, they are white and red. Whenever I wear any of these I feel more confident, at peace and happier . I don't know the logic behind it, but love every bit of that feeling  :)

Adithi has been attending money management classes for kids, once a fortnight! Yes it's going to be a month since we enrolled her and now she is realising that money doesn't grow in trees and you can't keep getting it just like that from ATM machines, they need to be earned and it is hard ... One step in the right direction and I feel it is responsibility of parents to make kids money wise, given today's mostly single child with loads of pampering and gifts from friends and relatives , they should understand the value of money and earn and use it wisely .

One more reason for enrolling her was to get 2 hours of private time either for self or with hubby without her endless array of doubts and questions ;) today I was in the mood to dress up and with the newly made skirt waiting to make its debut, it was just right moment to choose ...

The cotton seersucker fabric was sent by my sister from chennai through my parents, when they visited us during last month. The fabric was so comfy and airy that I decided to make maxi skirt out of it. This was a quick one to make in about 2.5 hours,with rolled edge in serger taking max time.

Since it was dress up day, decided to pair it with scarf and a close fitting tee. After swimming I have lost much of my tummy and can more confidently tuck in my tee :)

How was I wish it was a long date, but it was much of a stroll down the road and a photo session with hubby as he wasn't feeling quite well with nose allergy and the haze in KL due to Indonesian forest fire adding it up further ... So it was short and sweet date, atleast according to me .... 



  1. the dress is so cute... yes this color combo is catching my eyes too these days...

  2. Wow how pretty
    Please do a tute on this skirt !


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