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Sep 22, 2014

Meet Kawairashī on'nanoko aka Japanese Girl Avatar

Meet Adithi in her pretty little Japanese Girl Avatar


Making Yukata (the traditional Japanese Summer Kimono) was qutie challenging. I had never seen this outfit in person before and had to make use of the pics i found on the net as reference. Checked a few online tutorials on how to make it, and more i saw them, the more confused i was. so after an hour or so of wandering on the net, i decided to take things under control and started drafting own pattern directly on fabric. 

Fabric folded lengthwise with chest width + 1.25 inch (mistake, i had to add 2+inches or so for overlap at front, will correct it next time ) and marked front and back pieces together without shoulder seam (sorry didn't take any pic while making it as i was too preoccupied figuring it out) , so mostly a rectangle with neck curve and sleeve without any curve as in armhole which are cut straight

Collar was another lengthy rectangle and had to sewn around neck and center front overlap sides . this is more like modern day bathrobe . I had miscalculated length of collar and next time when i make it will cut neck depth bit more at front so that overlap collar is up until low waist, rather than just below ribs in this outfit.

Sleeves were also a rectangle cut on fold with sleevelength as desired and breadth being armhole depth  * 2 as sleeves hang extra beyond armhole. This was most tough for me as couldnt figure out armhole vent which was there in pics and finally figured it out. I am still not sure if i did it right and i need to get my hands on Yukata to see if i did manage to sew it right.

 Made an Obi Belt, which was basically a  rectangle to fit her waist and added velcro straps at back. made a huge interfaced bow and attached it to the back of Obi. Making Obi was the easiest part of this entire outfit.

We were supposed to go to Bon Odori - festival on Saturday and since my hubby was unwell and it was raining heavily, we had to cancel it at the last minute. never mind we had a Bon Odori photosession at home! And she had loads of fun and said the outfit was very airy n comfy !!!! I did a cheatseat and added a godget at back for ease of movement and also to make up for my shortage on front overlap added a hidden flap overlap at front underside part. Liberty of sewista ...yay!!

Bon Odori @ home 

 Better view of Sleeves and yes a little bow hairclip made to match :)

She loved every moment of it and was jumping with joy ! ahoy !

Next time when i make yukata i will be more prepared and it will be much closer to original traditional version. 

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