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Jun 25, 2014

Jewellery organizer DIY

My dressing table had been a mess for long now. Even though I had made 3 of these jewellery organizers as gifts, didn't get down to making one for self. Finally here it is 

Here are the ones that I made earlier 

Let's do a quick picture tutorial for the same 

I made use of felt 2 layers and pvc book wrapping sheet on top and some bias tape

So what you'll need
1. Felt or fabric , if choosing fabric choose think ones like canvas or interface fashion fabric
2. Plastic pvc wrapping sheet
3. Bias tape , though easier not compulsory you can even use normal fabric strips to bind the edges as they will straight edges

Cut felt into rectangle or square of dimensions you like I had made ones ranging from 12*12 to 16*24

So the grey one I made for self  is 16 * 24 (width * length)

Cut 2 felt pieces . I cut grey in 16 * 24 and black felt for back side in 16 * 21 
3 inches extra in grey felt fabric for flap over . Actually I had cut same dimensions for both black and grey and later added extra 3 inches to add for flap.

Then cut pvc clear plastic sheets  measuring 3.5 * 16 . 4 pieces
Finish the top edges of pvc sheets using bias strips

Then pin each strip of pvc sheets to the grey felt and stitch the on 1/4 inch from the fabric edges

Pin the bias tape onto bottom edge of pvc sheet and top stitch it through pvc sheets as well as felt together 

Add Velcro to the top edge of grey felt and the other half of Velcro on to the black felt. Pin the Velcro and check if alignment of the same is right on both felt pieces

Place right sides of two felt pieces (grey n black) and stitch the 3 sides together. Leaving the top side open

Trim the corners and turn to the felt to right side

Add bias tape loop on top , which can be used to hang the jewellery organiser .

Added buttons at the bottom edge of grey felt so that I can use them as hangers for chains. Go ahead innovate and add as many options to your organizer ! Hope this tutorial was clear enough and helpful . Would like to see your creations made using this tute. Feel free to share the link of your creations in comments sections 


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