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Sep 2, 2009

Navarathri Collection - 9 Dresses to make.... no time to waste...

Hi there... i am back after a month's hiatus. First part of september went off in a wedding and sadly second half did upset with a dear friend's wife's funeral...

Now i am back to where i belong. Sewing....

Navarathri festival begins on September 19th and i am busy making 9 new outfits for my darling daughter for this year as well.

Dress No. 1

Dhoti Pants (Kowl Pant) and a top.
Kowl pant looks awesome when it is worn, the really drape effect shows only in 3D when worn. She refused to oblige for action shots. So shall post them as soon as i can bribe her into it.!!!

Just managed to make a top from remaining fabric as kowl pant took lot of fabric.
Didn't have enough fabric to even use for bias binding, hence decided to do lettuce edge for arms, neck and at hem.

Here are the Pics.


Kowl Pant

Side View - shows a bit of drape effect. Only Action shot will do justice to it.

She selected the fabric when i went shopping with her (She is only 2 years 10 months old and was 2 years 7 months when i went shopping....)

I had been experimenting with Kowl effect and did sew 2 skirts earlier, this experimentation paid off and i really liked the drape of this pant.

Had just the little amount of crochet trim (i had made year(s) ago...!!!). Matched the top perfectly.

Glad i am able to share my culture and tradition with all you craftster out there alonside my sewing adventures.

Comments and suggestions most welcome. Watchout for Updates on remaining 8 dresses....

Dress No.2 - Peach Ball Gown

Bodice fabric - i do not know what is it, but fell in love with it the moment i saw it. Hence got it long back and hoarded it for a spl occasion. Later on got a matching organza (kind of contrast actually) for the skirt part. It was 4 layers of skirt - top organza, Satin lining, Net to poof it, Cotton lining beneath it to protect skin of darling daughter.....

Dress No.3 - Pattu Paavadai - traditional indian dress for little girls. Have used inverted box pleats at waist. The fabric is silk embellished with traditional zari; Top to be sewn yet; Will update


Zari & Pleat Closeup

Dress No.4 - High waist skirt turns out to be a MiniSkirt Dress...!!!! Yes i tried doing a zig zag 12 gore skirt, goofed it up and it turned out to be wobbly at waist, hence CUT IT off and hence resulted in a mini skirt. My sweety doesn't wear them (what a pity she can't when she grows up; Hope she realizes and wears atleast this one) so i need to put a tights on underneath

Dress No.5
- My Favourite so far .... It took 3 hours to draft the pattern. Offshoulder style. I reffered book for Drop shoulder style, then modified it to make it as Offshoulder.

I was scared if the shoulder strap with droop as it is in ONE piece along with bodice.

Had to do facing of back & front and armhole together. Wow it turned out great. Ran out of fabric to finish back bodice, hence did patch work (back looks much grand than front; anyway i didn't want any distractions from the HARDWORKED offshoulder style.

This dress is kind of east meet west as fabric is Indian and styling is western. Nice Mix. what say?

Skirt was done a week back !!!! Sorry was too busy pattern making & sewing ... still 4 more dresses to go... so hope you all will let me off with the excuse this time!!!

Skirt is also a first attempt. Draped skirt.... At last now i can say i have mastered (to an extent) COWL ; can draft my own pattern for different style of cowls that i have dreamt of for long now... 3 cheers to it.. hip hip hurray * 3

Dress No.6 - Zardosi Dress - Grand one ....

Designed the motif and got it custom work done by my friend who does zardosi work. She has done a brilliant work. I had drafted the pattern and marked it in the fabric and gave to her for doing bead work. Once it got beaded fully, had then cut my premarked pattern and stitched.

Skirt is tiered skirt with embellished yoke.

Top is normal style top (Embellishment makes it stand out ...) with corset style tie back choli, so that she can wear the dress for a while atleast for an year or two as she grows up as well

3 more dress and same number of days to go...




  1. hai it is nice to see adhithi. she look beatiful in off shoulder dress and silk skirt with jordhusi work. That green fabric selected by her seem to be so good can u put tutorial for that? i wish u a bright future.

    vidhya azhvar

  2. Nice work. What kind of material is used for kowl pant and top? Does it available in Chennai?


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