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Nov 6, 2009

3rd Birthday for my darling daughter

Dress No.1

Dress No.2

I made quite few dresses for clients in the last month. Hence couldn't make a new dress after Navarathri blast of 9 dress for my darling. Her birthday was just the right excuse to indulge myself in making the best possible effort to make her look like a beautiful doll...

Made 2 dresses one for morning to school and another for evening birthday party.

Dress no.1 - Salwar Kameez and Patiala Pant

Got the zardosi work done by outsourcing and then stitched the kameez. Back zipper was not perfect as i had only 2 days to finish to dresses(i am so poor in time management)

Pant is Patiala style (got 1 metre of fabric for pant hence i should rather say semi-patiala style) but it is perfect for my little daughter as an even more flared pant with proper patiala effect would be overwhelming for her petite frame.

It was comfy, sleek and more importantly looked great on her.

Made dupatta (shawl) with remaining pant material (probably the worlds' most patch worked dupatta ..ha ha ha) I made this dupatta at midnight .... the idea to embellish it with kameez material fabric flowers stuck me and i sat and made them by was well worth the effort

Dress No.2 - Ball Gown in Purple (the color which is in vogue this season here in India)

She saw an ad in TV and wanted a gown in that color. It was purple. I wanted the bodice to be rich and in contrast to plain tissue material, hence chose brocade. Off-shoulder pattern i had drafted for one of the navrathri dresses was modified slightly and used for bodice.

Since her earlier 2 ball gowns were heavy (due to can-can stiff material used to give the puffed effect to the gown) and hence decided to make the gown without the stiff underskirt, instead made it separately so that it can be worn under any frock to give the puff effect and also this gown can then be worn light as well.... (IDEA>... i am too brainy for this ain't I???)

I had also got a net material in light purple made 2 layers of cascading circle skirt in varying height and made it is a wrap tie-up kind so that can be removed when she doesn't feel like wearing it and at the same time can be worn with some other dress which would suit it.

More pics of birthday



  1. hai

    ball gown very beautyful she look like cute barbie doll in that (purple)dress. salwar looks great. i thought it was a readymade when i saw in my email. she looks cute. undoubtedly ur toooooooooooooooooo brainy no doubt

  2. Hi,
    Lovely dresses...u have a great mind.And ur daughter is so lucky to have such a lovely mom


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