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Feb 3, 2010

For Avva and Appa - Cards from Dhummu

For Grandmom and Daddy dearest, my daughter joined me in the craft hour today.

Actually we created the cards and later on when i asked whom she would give this card to, she chose Avva(Grandma) and Appa (Daddy)

She did cut out few of the hearts, colored all of them (YES!) and also helped in pasting them, we went and got a mini glue stick which she will find it easy to use.

Today was marked as Alteration day in Sewing so i wrapped all that in forenoon. Slept at noon (Yes another power nap!) Evening was dedicated to craft session.

I held her hand and scribbled the text (she will one day write on her own)

Avva Card (Grandma cards)

Card for Appa (Dad)

Plain Heart card which we created first



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