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Feb 2, 2010

Found New Hobby - PopUp Card Making!

I was exhausted and decided to take a power nap; it ended up being super power nap of 2 solid hours at noon. When my little darling naps, i try to finish as much of my sewing activities for the day. Now those 2 hours were gone.

All that happens, happens for good, so i decided to make this as No-Sewing day and just browsed through Craftster and saw the Best of 2009

Accidentally landed upon PopupCard project . Wow i was amazed by the cards on offer. You can do wonders with paper and pair of scissors. I have found a new hobby which i plan to pursue seriously.

My darling daughter is also learning the ropes of cutting and fold at her Montessori, So decided to rope her in and this is what we created. Not bad for the first attempt, isn't it.

She has promised me and asked me to promise her as well - "We will sit and do this craft TOGETHER daily"

Now that's a promise to be kept. What a way to spend time with her!!!!



  1. I love those cards. For a moment, I thought those were taken from the Internet.
    Little Sad that Dhummu din't make any for me :(

  2. Lakshmi its gorgeous-- why didnt you make more-- crafting is good for motor development of kids that why my daughter and I do so much at home and since your little one already has inherited your crafting genes do encourage her. Robert Sabuda has many simple pop up cards on his site. Would love to see more paper craft from you


  3. Thanks Sonia. Actually we do make them, but somehow have missed sharing them (in fact i did share the few made for b'days!) will share them in future for sure.


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