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Sep 20, 2010

Blouses Blow Out!

Blouses for MIL which were pending for a long time (read about 3 months) due to various reasons like embroidery work unfinished, lining material to be purchased, designer busy (read ME!) etc., at last did manage to finish all 3 at one go.

But a rare thing happened, though all of them are from same self drafted pattern, each of them had different fits and a unique issue, like sleeve not fitting well, bust cap not fitting , it took me another sewing day to figure it out and get them ready to be worn, fit and fine. Now that's a mystery i am unable to unlock, in fact to worn out to do so, so left it at that, now that fitting issues got resolved my MIL is happy and so am I.

Cowl neck cutting and sewing tutorial WIP, so watch out for it tomorrow.


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