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Sep 21, 2010

Clutches & Make up Kit - Oh my injured thumb doesnt let me flaunt them!

I received 2 packages today, one containing Clutches from 99 Labels and another from Fashion and You containing Make up kit

This one is for me

One for my MIL

Lotus Herbals Make up kits from Fashion and You

Thumb finger that got cup while trying to meddle with old calendar sheets filed by metal

So no sewing was possible today, the wrap skirt was done yesterday. I wish to get back to sewing ways atleast by tomorrow, since it is Thumb i am able type as it is used for SPACE only.... but without the thumb, unable to sew or even hold anything....



  1. Aahh... that's a nasty cut! Hopes it heals quickly.

  2. Thanks Megha & Thendral. Thumb is lot better today, hopefully will be able to sew something tomorrow as i have loads to do with navarathri coming up and 9 new outfits to sew for my DD!

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