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Dec 24, 2010

Pattu Paavadai Sattai - Final Part

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Welcome to the final part of the Sewing Tutorial of Pattu Paavadai Sattai

So far we have seen Drafting of Bodice and Sattai

With regards to sewing we have seen how to pleat and sew the Pattu Paavdai.

Now lets see the Bodice (attached to 'paavdai') and 'Sattai' (Top) Sewing Tutorial in this post

First, let see how to sew Bodice and attach it to 'paavdai'

STEP 1 - Mark & Cut the required front & back bodice pieces of the Draft on Fabric

STEP 2 - Add Zipper to Center Back

STEP 3 - Join Shoulder seam

STEP 4 - Join Side Seam

STEP  5 - Attach the bodice to skirt portion, right side to right side, pin and stitch on wrong side. Ensure the pleats stay in place.

Paavdai with Bodice Attached

Sattai Sewing - Step by Step 

STEP 1: Mark & cut required front and back pieces of the Sattai. Here i am using a dart free pattern since it is for 4 year old 

When marking front bodice, mark in such a way that hemline of front bodice falls on the Zari portion of the fabric. 

Step 2 - Join Shoulder seams of front piece to back pieces.
Do this on both lining & silk fabric pieces

Step 3 - With Right Sides facing each other (RS of Silk to RS of lining) and 
stitch along the neckline 

Step 4 - Also stitch at 1/2 (or whatever seam allowance you have given) from the Center Back on wrong side of fabric (with RS of Lining to Right Side of fabric) for finishing the loop side closure

You can also do the same with hook side closure at back. But one more step to be done with hook side closure is the fold the finished edge again by 1/4 inch

Step 5 - Clip the Corners & Curves on the stitched neckline

Step 6 - Under stitch the lining considering it to be the neck facing,
then turn  to Right Side & Press

STEP 7 - Hem the upper edge of neck patch

STEP 8 - Pin and Stitch the Zari Patch to Front Neck Patch opening

STEP 9 - Gather and prepare the sleeves (Both silk & lining) and keep them ready

STEP 10 - Pin the sleeve lining to sattai bodice lining & Silk Sleeve to Silk Bodice 
Stitch the Sleeves to respective bodice pieces (lining to lining & silk to silk)

STEP 11: Top Stitch at the Ditch of Shoulder Seam 

Once top Stitched at the shoulder joint, the silk bodice and lining bodice will stay in place, so it will be easier for us to finish the sleeve hem 

STEP 12: Finish Sleeve Hem; Consider the silk sleeve and lining sleeve to be one piece and then fold the hem

STEP 12: Stitch side seams starting from sleeve hem , through the side seam of the bodice, joining front & back pieces together. Stop at about 2.5 inches from hemline. this will become the slit of the Sattai

Also fold the back piece hem as required to match the front bodice hemline  and stitch the back pieces hem
(Remember the front bodice hemline of that of silk fabric piece is Zari Border so that is already hem finished, only lining portion of front hem needs to be finished later) 

STEP 13: Finish the front lining hem and stitch it in place

STEP 14: Finish the Slit Opening; Fold 1/2 inch and press; again fold by another 1/2 inch and Press and stitch the slit opening through from Red Pin to Red Pin on either sides of the slit

Add Hook and  Loops to back opening and your Sattai is ready to be worn with gorgeous
Pattu Paavdai. 

Please do leave your valuable suggestion to make future tutorials better!
Also feel free to give your inputs if you found this tutorial useful 

In case you sew a 'Pattu Paavadai Sattai' using this tutorial ( which i seriously hope u would)
then,  please do give due credit to the tutorial by Linking back to it wherever you publish

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  1. Following from Friday Social Parade!

  2. great the way you posted information onto the photos.

  3. I'm new to sewing. great tutorial.. I'm inspired to start using my new sewing machine

  4. Thank you all. Would like to see your finished creations, if you happen to use this tutorial for making them, please do share them.

  5. Hi simi here very nice tutorial of yours... I stitched pavadai satai
    Not that perfect...still happy.. Thank dear..keep going... Bye


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