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Aug 29, 2011

Latest Gizmo to Aid me - Printer/scanner!

Meet my new friend Cannon PIXMA MP258. Just finished trial run, a snap of DD (Adithi) came out fine! a text doc was also fine, having some hiccups with scan option as the pencil lines show up very lightly, the below is the first scan made, wherein i have used photoshop to darken the lines by adjusting the image options, this causes the background also to change, i would like normal plain background with the scanner being able to detect the lines and darken them on its own, i was able to do this by altering settings of HP printer / scanner that my sis has. Guess will get to figure it out soon. Any of you having this printer/scanner, any suggestions, help!!! Thanks in advance!

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  1. I surely didn't draw that well at her age:)Wow! Congrats on your new multifunctional! you could clean the image in photoshop if there's nothing in settings:(

  2. wow...congrats sis...its so nice...

  3. Thanks Magda, The drawing is not hers but mine! she always draws well but mostly abstracts with shapes and such, which we call as 'modern art'at home! I was talking about her photo being the first thing i got it done through the printer. the sketch was made by me to be sent to a design contest, for which i missed the deadline due to lack of access to scanner! now that i have this new scan/printer i hope not to miss out on any !

    Thanks Vji. I hope to make optimum use of it.

  4. Very cool! Too bad you didn't win the contest :(


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