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Aug 29, 2011

Buying a scanner / printer - what do you suggest?

Plan to buy a printer / scanner (yes i have been using my sis's scanner so far!) Never felt the need to buy one, until now, for I will have to scan almost everyday, that too as and when i feel like and find time for the purpose of ''Sew Skirt September'  series all through the month of September.

I would like to have a scanner which gets its scaling options right as i plan to share lot of PDF patterns once i get it. Cartridge wise which would be economical? What do you suggest?

The sales guy at my nearby computer accessories shop recommended Cannon PIXMA 258. I am awaiting your suggestions before i take the plunge! Help me...

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  1. I used to use Panasonic.. which was horrible and gave me a lot of problems.
    Then i shifted to HP printer and scanner. And i've never had any kind of problem with it.. No experience with cannon though...

  2. This should be useful! I would go with the recommendations of the professionals at the store you bought it from. They should know what they are talking about, right?!

  3. Thanks GAFA for your suggestion. I have got myself a cannon pixma MP258 as suggested earlier by the shopkeeper.

    Thanks carolyn, i did go with the shopkeeper's suggestion, hope it pays off!

    Here is my new found Aid - printer / scanner


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