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Aug 29, 2011

Yay! I have some news!

I have some news! i have gained weight! yup 3kgs! We went to beach yesterday and darling daughter wanted to check her weight and insisted that i check mine! I did and to my surprise i had gained! i couldn't believe and got off the weighing machine and then got on it again to recheck! I wasn't dreaming, i had indeed gained weight!

Been 1.5 months since i have started doing Yoga. It is so therapeutic and relaxing. I also do Pranayama (breathing excercises) after doing the √Āsanas. Have a much relaxed mind these days! It is not that i do not have arguments anymore, i still do argue like i always have, i have cat fights with my sister still, sudden spurt of anger does show up, but it subsides a lot more faster than it used to earlier.

Why am i suddenly posting about this today! well when i joined Yoga only fear that i had was that will it reduce my weight ( i was 42 kgs then!) my Yoga Teacher said "NO"; yoga is not like gym, it reduces flab and gives all good muscles. It keeps your body fit, it is not miracle maker to reduce weights drastically, but you shall get shapely abs, trimmed thighs and arms, well it helps get into perfect shape! Of course along with right food habits!

I was bit skeptical initially, but then started believing in my teacher and here i am having gained 3 kgs(all muscle , no FAT!) yay! i checked my  weight yesterday! Mind you i have been eating of lots of ice-cream to match up for all the calories i burn while doing the asanas! and my metabolism is also such that it burns fat quickly! (yay! lucky me!) I have always wanted to gain weight, which i did during pregnancy but  in about 2 months after delivery I lost all my baby fat! So it had been 42 kgs for all of these 4.5 years! and now i have gained 3 kgs! It is like dream come true for me, would like hit the magic figure of 50 kgs which i think is ideal for my height! After all any girl loves her curves right, and i would like to get more! (what's more i have gained weight at just the right places! do you get what i mean! to make me feel even more happy about self!)

Will be doing a guest post at Bella's Before and After - Feel Good Wednesdays soon. Plan to shoot my Yoga session and Pranayama session nd share as much little knowledge i have gained so far.

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  1. Congratulations! I love yoga too, I took it up initially because I have a bad back. It has worked wonders for my strength and flexibility. I would recommend it to anyone too!

  2. Glad you're so happy! I could use a few kgs also but it's no tragedy if I don't (I've tried and tried:(( ) Keep us updated with your yoga progress! I picked up a yoga book when I was 14 and had a few months of experimenting with it:))

  3. Thank you so much for giving me the Versatile blogger award, and I only just found your comment, so I am sorry it took me a while to respond. I am honoured! I will probably get around to blogging about it soon...

  4. haha.. i can relate to this so well! I was 39 for so long! Then slowly i reached 41 and stayed constant for more than four years... now finally i reached 45 and am so happy!

  5. Congrats hun, I'm glad u're happier now with your weight! Yoga is an awesome thing and I'm planning to dedicate myself more to it after this summer!
    Jelena (

  6. Thanks Carolyn! You are most welcome and your blog truly deserves it and oh yes i love the latest Pattern Magic twist dress you have posted.

    Thanks Magda! Being at the other end of spectrum is tough ask isn't it when everyone is talking about how to shed weight, there are few like us praying to pile on few kgs!

    Thanks GAFA, i am so glad to have found few people who are in the same side of the coin as i am! please do share you tips which help you put on weight! Mine so far has been tubs of icecream!

    Thanks GlamChameleon! Yoga is so relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing! good luck to you for your Yoga Sojourn!


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