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Aug 22, 2011

Potli Bag Tutorial

Wanted to share with you all, something special and part of Indian tradition, 'Potli Bag'  as it is known in India is the simple drawstring bag made using regal fabrics like brocade and silk with 'zari' / resham thread embellishments and were used by Royalty. In today's modern world, they continue to be used by 'regal fashioniastas'. It is actually pretty simple to make and can be made in many variatiosn, i am sharing my way of sewing it. Use your imagination to create variations. 

I had earlier posted this at Saturday Mornings as a Guest Post, during the month of March, now its time share it here at my own space - Adithis Amma Sews!
Materials Required
  • Main fabric - less than a quarter yard
  • Lining fabric - less than a quarter yard
  • Satin Ribbon if desired
  • Trims for embellishment
  • About half an hour of your 'Valuable' time

Now repeat the same steps with lining fabric (with exclusion of Step No.2- embellishment /trims)

Now that we have 2 separate cylinders with closed bottom! its time to converge them!

Use your imagination to create different kind of closures which will also act as handles for the 'Potli Bag'

'Potli Bag' along with a dazzling 'Saree' = Nothing stops you from getting all the attention!

You can view the Potli Bags i had created earlier . Interested in seeing the 'Indian Silk Skirt - Pattu Paavadai for which i have made these Matching Potli Bags, please Click on them

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and find it useful! Thanks for reading.

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  1. hi, you know, you should put something in the potli bag to show the actual shape.... and i have always loved the offset drawstring closure(a little below the edge so that the edge is like a flower) for this bag.

    very easy to do in a lined bag like this.

    or with a casing like this:

  2. Such a fantastic tutorial. I really enjoyed this one! Missed your little model though. Say hi to her!

  3. one more, easier way of adding the offset drawstring..

    and some more info about this type of bags..


  4. @jaya pratheesh
    Yes jaya! i agree, i should have added something in it to show actual shape! I was in a hurry to get the guest post on and did not spend much time on the photos!

    The drawstring closure links you have mentioned are also quite useful thanks! actually they are more similar (the ripping out the seam to get the opening) to salwar string opening! I am planning to do more variations to the potli bag and in them will surely try out the suggestions. Thanks!

  5. @Dr Sonia S V
    Thanks Sonia! will surely convey your message to her!

  6. Nice tutorial...lovely clicks....kolu clicks are awesome like your adorable little princes...happy to follow you....

  7. Thanks Rani for the compliments and for following Adithis Amma Sews


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