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Sep 2, 2011

Back To School Dress Featured Yet Again!

Back to school dress has been featured yet again, this time on One Pretty Thing! Yay! I love it, after all it takes 2-3 hours for making a tutorial and i am glad it is getting all the attention it deserves and many more people are going to make it!

Since i haven't seen much response to Sew Skirt September Day 1 - Basic Skirt Draft, i have decided to wait for a day before i start the stitching part of the basic skirt, guess people in India are holidaying given that we had 2 public holidays for past 2 days and bunk Friday, you get 5 days of holidays! But what about my dear readers from US, UK, Singapore and rest of the world, what's keep you out from commenting, please do visit the Basic Skirt Drafting tutorial and bombard my blog with your comments! I love comments! well who doesn't ?! ;)

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  1. Sorry if it didn't prove to be the best timing! I'd understand if you want to postpone it - sewers in blogland seem to be busy with Self Stitched September or Burdastyle's Sew-along... But even so, do what's fun for you - with or without others you will surely benefit from the experience! I am curious and willing to learn too, whenever you decide to do this- it's a great thing and initiative in itself, whether more join or not!

  2. Hi Magda,

    I was talking about talking an off-day today alone, will be continuing this Sew Skirt September for sure, i am doing as i wanted to sew skirts for long time now, and in the process wanted to share what i am learning, now that i know for sure, i have your company too, its going to be fun, i will pursue with this, lets rock the blogland and ofcourse our lives with lots of Skirts! what say gal?

  3. That is such a cute dress, and deserves all the attention it is getting! Thank you for your comment on my twist top, it is a very clever design by a very talented Japanese designer, and it is more complex than it first appears! It is meant to have a strong twist across the body. Those are NOT travel creases!


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