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Sep 7, 2011

Cowl Skirt Tutorial - Sew Skirts September

Dear Readers,

Now it is time for us to see what's next in Sew Skirts September, ever since i had posted Cowl Neck tutorial, i had requests for cowl skirt drafting, i was still learning the ropes then and hence chose to wait before i am clear enough to explain to others!

Based on comments from Purush and Carolyn on Basic Skirt Sewing post, i tried the shaped waistband, what are your thoughts on this. Drafted the waistband as a single piece starting from Half of Back waistband then followed by Front waistband and then again remaining half waistband with extension for closure. Add darts which are about 2/8 inch wide at points where back waistband meets front waist band i.e., 2 darts Closure is the same it was in Basic Skirt , hook and thread loop closure as we use here for saree blouses, (I did not have a matching button, hence did not put buttonhole closure!) I chose this fabric thinking it will drape nicely and the cowls will look lovely, though i have got the drape of cowl as desired, i somehow am not happy with the fall of the skirt in center front. I tried with rough fabric with grainline as bias and didn't like the feel of it as the cowl was too drapey to my liking, hence decided to have the CF on straightgrain on fold, now i am having second thoughts if i should have had CF with seams, so that i could have squeezed in extra fall near the hemline at CF ! your thoughts and suggestions on this!
Here is the snap of the sample tried out on Barbie doll (the guinea pig for my sewing experiments!)

This is how the skirt looks Flat on the floor and viola , now lets say A-B-R-A-C-A-D-A-B-R-A ....

Not so clear pictures, i have to get tripod stand to assist me when i do not have any photographers at my service! ;) will post better pictures soon with a new matching top!

Coming up next are relatively simple skirt drafts like A-Line skirt, Flared Skirt , Stay tuned!



  1. I love the print- lately I'm attracted to animal inspired prints and that's really something new for me! An interesting design and your instructions are a bit irresistible so I'll have to think of some way to use them!;)I take most of my pics alone without a tripod, a ladder or a shelf or some cardboard boxes always help!


  2. Lakshmi think its time you got a mannequin like in the shops to model for you! about the flower in my frame - working on its tutorial- photos ready but the editing writing up remaining- tomorrow is our onam festival so busy with all the festivities.

  3. Awesome cowl skirt Lakshmi!!! :) I wish I could be as talented as you :) Thanks for dropping by and following too :) All the best for a giveaway.

  4. It looks good, and even better if those cowls could be used as pockets! :) Did you fit the waistband to yourself? It is a very subtle curve you have there, but it does seem to fit you better.

  5. Thanks Magda, would love to see your skirt

    Thanks Sonia, looking forward to your flower tute

    Thanks Simran, i loved reading your blog and am an official follower of your blog too!

    Thanks Carolyn, i was actually planning to do them as pockets, but since it was my first cowl skirt for self, just wanted to test the pattern drafted and will do another skirt with pockets, but possibly with fabric which has a little bit of body and volume to it and not too drapey to hold my pockets!

    Yup the waistband fits me fine! I have drafted this to be high waist skirt, at which position i liked the cowl drapes better, hence a slighter curve, i still have shapely waist,at least i thinks so!!! ;)

  6. great tutorial! thanks for sharing this at my party!

  7. This is truly stunning.. Gorgeous!! YOu've done a fabulous job.. Definitely something I cannot even think of.. :-) Thank you .. for always coming to link at CD.. You know I look forward to you joining in on Mondays.. :-)

  8. Super awesome.. Love it..Hello there.. I'm following ya officially from the inspiration board hop..Lovely blog you have here.Can't wait to read more.. Hope you can stop by & visit me sometime / follow back.. TY So much.. Have a great week.Marilyn from ps: Would love for you to participate in a pinterest linky :)) TY

  9. Thanks Tammy!

    Thanks Patricia, My week starts with linking up at Colors Dekor! :)

    Thanks Marilyn, I am following you back! Please do keep visiting for more on Skirts this month

  10. I just found you tutorial, and it's great can you do a tutorial on how to place the cowl skirt pattern on the fabric and how you sew it on to the waistband. Thank you

  11. Your tutorial is great, can you make one of how to place the pattern on the skirt and how to sew the cowl skirt to the waistband. Thank you. Love your tutorials.

  12. Thanks for this tutorial! I was happening problem doing the pattern (was following a book) which was not clear! But you explained very clearly to understand to do. Love the finish of the skirt! Can you place the pattern on the fold, the front I wonder? Thanks again x

  13. Hello.!!! You have save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.!! I have been looking for this kind of explanation. But I have a question about how many curve you can add to the skirt? thanks thanks thanks

  14. luv it... nd its really detailed... ve a question??? i need to stitch an evening gown with d cowl but i need it with pleats .. is dat k if i extend d waistline for pleats .. ll it fall perfectly ???
    anyways thanks alot..:)


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