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Sep 16, 2011

Navarathri Dress No. 1

Yes it is that time of the year ! 9 new dresses for darling daughter 

As usual, i start with a Traditional outfit, "Pattu Paavadai" i.e., Silk Skirt and Top !

Dress No. 1

This post also is part of Sew Skirt September! Would you like to make a Traditional Indian Silk Skirt and Top. Please view the Tutorial HERE

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  1. Lovely ethnic wear
    Lakhshmi about punches you can ask for craft punches- the big shops would have it but will be more expensive prices range from 30 rupees to 800 rupees depending on the size of the punch. Very small punches are a pain to use as you need to give pressure. Go for a medium sized punch costing 80-125 rupees as then even your daughter can have fun with in for her school projects etc.Choose a shape such as flowers for your first punch as you can have more fun with it. A heart is so easy to hand cut you can buy it if you are really fond of hearts or do a lot of papercrafts!

  2. Cute! i miss wearing pattu pavadai! Whether it was a birthday or a festival.. this was the only thing my mom used to make me wear! It was like a holiday uniform!
    Love the colours in this one.. typical green and maroon combo! :)

  3. Thanks Sonia. Will check out for punches next time i go to parrys corner

    Thanks Girl At First Avenue, traditional outfits have there own charm, don't they, they never fade with fashion and always stay in vogue!

    Thanks Sanghamitra!

  4. wat a sweet outfit!!!

  5. Beautiful colors, I bet it looks very nice on her!

  6. Thanks Magda! Yet to try it on her as she is too busy :)

    Thanks Shooting Star!


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