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Sep 17, 2011

Shopping Spree - Navarathri Fever!

With Navarathri around the corner, can shopping be far away! I began it with a cheery note yesterday, it all started as i realized that i have ran out of invisible zippers! Wanted to try my luck in T.Nagar and went to Raja Thread store and found only few zips that too in black, brown, grey & white was all i could manage! Tough luck! i guess! I now have a  solid excuse to go shopping again, to Parrys Corner to find some invisible zips!

Did I stop with just buying zips, no way! I got some trims and notions and a new pair of scissors ; my old one in pony as grown too old and worn out for my excessive sewing :(

After stepping out of ever-crowded Ranganathan Street, i was on my way back, when i stopped at the beautitful display of toys and the inviting fragrance at one shop , it was Khadhi Bhavan were all natural and handmade products are sold! I dropped in and shopped for some Khadi Fabrics (will do a separate post on my latest additions to fabric stash... in fact i need to club the shopping spree of my sister last week as well!)

Saw this beautiful wedding set and it was perfect to be crowned the 'New Toy of the Year 2011' for our Golu! Every year it is a custom to buy a new toy for the golu and this year it was a wedding set and here it is

Here are the notions that i got !

Some ghunghroos (Salangai) for my Darling Daughter to dance around !

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  1. That pair of scissors looks really nice! I need a few more trims:D ... or maybe I need to figure what to do with the ones I have first:D

  2. ohhh so you stay in chennai? I dint know! :) I have a lot of relatives there and I keep going almost every month or so!
    We have the exact same wedding set at home.. but we usually use it for Sankranthi!

  3. @magdamagda
    Yes Magda the scissors are nice and light to lift and are very sharp, which i can vouch for as i accidentally slashed my feet by bumping into its edge! Craft room turned into a bloody mess, now i need to be more organized and hence keeping it safely back in its case even while i am working on a outfit and take it out of case everytime i need it and then put it back!

  4. @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue
    Yes! In Velachery! Please do let feel free to shoot me a mail, the next time you plan to visit chennai, may be we can catch up in person!

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely day out :)

  6. Hi Carolyn, Sonia,

    I did have a great time out shopping and guess what i had gone shopping yesterday as well (will do a post soon)!


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