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Sep 18, 2011

Adithi's Antics!

I do post about Darling Daughter Adithi but mostly alongside outfit posts. She does deserve posts focusing on her and only her!

At her play gym flaunting 4 panel skirt. For tute click here (god! i can't resist  make a mention of outfits, can I)

During our visit to my aunt's place last weekend, we dressed up her hair with "poo jadai"meaning braids decked up with flowers! It was fun learning the art of making the "poo jadai"by stringing flowers plucked fresh from the garden!

My aunt's sewing machine purchased in 1975!

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  1. Cute pictures....I love the traditional hair styles. Even last week I did it for my daughter in our family function. Girls look soo cute in it. Adithi's skirt is also very cute. My hugs and kisses to her...

  2. That floral hairstyle look incredibly complex! Just amazing!

  3. The flowers in her hair- amazing work and it looks so beautiful!:)

  4. Wow your daughter let her do that to her hair? ! Mine wont even let me put hairclips!

  5. Thanks Thendral, Yes! Traditional outfits and styles have ever lasting charm!

    Thanks Carolyn, thought it looks complex, it was actually quite easy to make once you get the hang of it!

    Thanks Magda!

    Thanks Sonia! She was unwilling and fussy, but somehow did let us do it on her hair, which she loves so much!


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