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Oct 16, 2011

Customer Care .. what is that asks ARAMEX - Shipping company full of Spoofs

I normaly do not do any negative publicity, but today i just couldn't help but share this piece of mail i had sent to the Shipment company Aramex which is a shame on Shipment industry for its sheer lack of service and indiffirence to customers

here is the mail i sent to them (i atleast hope to get an answer and may be even my parcel, god knows, fingers crossed!)


All i can say is please do not just forward this mail to so called 'concerned person'as i get the feeling that no one is " concerned ''  READ THE MAIL FULLY AND ACT ON IT; GET ME MY PARCEL ASAP

The shipment status on your site  shows as follows and for your info they are all Blatant LIES!

Shipment History
MAA-Main office,India10/16/2011 10:32 AM  Shipment on Hold  
Chennai,India10/15/2011 06:30 PM  Attempted Delivery - No One Home / Unable to Contact  
GUINDY (GDY),India                   12:40 PM  Shipment Out for Delivery  
Mumbai,India10/14/2011 05:46 PM  SMS Sent to Customer  
Chennai,India                   02:00 PM  Attempted Delivery - Payment not Ready / Delivery Rescheduled  
GUINDY (GDY),India                   10:48 AM  Shipment Out for Delivery  

14th October Why Status is being set with Just Lies, it shows on 14th Attempted delivery payment not ready! why is it said so, i was very much at  home , no parcel came to me, then how can i decline something which i did not even receive in the first place! why do you employ people who dodge work and lie to just show fake records, at least please do no upload such fake records online and tarnish your own company's reputation, which i am sure will be lost one day if you guys continue to work this way. Integrity is a  main criteria to any company more so for a shipment company. God knows how your company will sustain and survive! anyway that is none of my problem, where is my parcel, i do not want these false records as answers.

I was AT HOME from all through this month of October till today and will be so next week as well, so why are you lying that i was not at home in the first place, who told payment was not ready, i did not ! so please tell me! I did receive an SMS later in evening saying my shipment out for delivery and but did not get my shipment and nor any further update on the same, i waited for one more day, so what happens next day! here it is another bundle of lies ....

15th October Status shows : non one at home / unable to contact - Both of which are LIES 

HOWEVER , i was very much at home! and got a call late into night around 8:30 pm by a guy from Aramex., i attended the call, i have my mobile records to prove this and he said my parcel will come the next day, which was supposed to be saturday, now it is sunday and god knows if it will even come to me on Monday! From Guindy to Velachery or for that matter anywhere within Chennai does it take more than 24 hours to deliver!

I get mailer confirming dispatch from Fashion and You on 5th October, saying in 2-7 days i shall receive my parcel, now it has been more than 10 days where is my parcel, and more Importantly, why is your Status Record LYING, when i was at home and even attended the call only to hear that my parcel is not coming that day and stating reason as i was unavailable, utter nonsense and all i have to say is I am dismayed as to how this company works, i will never recommend it to my friends and family and co-workers, ! and why would my shipment be put on hold for another day on 16th just like that, are you guys running a company are what! Is your status tracking a BIG JOKE! are you fooling people around? I need answers, as  a customer i have the right to ask! After all i had paid for the Delivery charges! For all this mayhem i think i should be charging you guys for non-delivery and mental hassle due to delayed shipment and add to it the whole bundle of lies and trying to mislead the customer! Do you care for your customer , if not please do not have a Customer Care center, its just not worth it.

This is not the first time this is happening to me, this is the third time and still no signs of any Customer service at Aramex, i am sick and tired of this, wish i would Never Ever have to receive any parcel through Aramex for its sheer indiffirence to customers, i have requested Fashion and You as well to divert my parcels in future through other couriers. so all i have to say now is GET ME MY PARCEL ASAP! You guys have free publicity (albeit negative!) on my facebook, twitter and website, hope this helps you to atleast take the initiative to sort out issue at your company, last time it was about 2 months back a similar sort of transaction happened with me and now with more than 2 months, i do not see anything changing.

I have registered my complaint here for further details (in case you need any!) 

for further details.

I need IMMEDIATE response and of course my parcel, do you want me to take you guys to customer court, i have nothing to lose and have every proof to prove your spoof !


My Sincere advice NEVER EVER send / receive any shipment through Aramex, if you do so forget about parcel, you are never ever going to get it on time and if you happen to get it , then you are lucky!

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  1. Oh that's bad! I guess such things happen...I hardly ever do online shopping so I dont know!
    Is this a problem with Fashion and You or with ARAMEX?
    'coz my sister shops from Fashion and You a lot and she's never had any problem.
    Is there a way of choosing which courier company you want Fashion and You to use when delivering to you?

  2. agh! that's an ugly situation beyond words.

  3. at last received the parcel, but shipment status on the site is still all goofed up! God save Aramex!


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