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Oct 17, 2011

Sandals galore and update on Aramex!

Parcel arrived today at 13:20 pm (a good 3 days beyond schedule!), better late than never isn't it! (Read the Recap to the parcel story here!)

Guess what was in the parcel, which had a long story to it yesterday, after all that wait, agony, dismay, the moment i saw these blue sandals, it really blew my blues away! irnoic isn't it! 
Brand: Carlton; Size UK4-  price Rs.275 (I think i will take up size 5 next time, this just about fits me and since i have broad toes, the little finger tends to pop out!)

Day before yesterday, i was shopping along with hubby and darling daughter for their footwear, guess what i managed to sneak through, a pair of party sandals for self

Brand: Kadims, price: 425 (it looks so pricey, and is very comfy inspite of high heels, its been 7 years since i have worn such high heel, that was in my wedding reception!)

Deepavali Sewing Update: Sister's outfit complete, mine is in last stages .. yes, this time i sewing up mine first up not exactly ok second up! as per Adithi's instruction , she said ämma you sew yours first, and keep mine for the end, as i am sure you will sew mine come what may, but if your outfit is pending at last minute, then you may just give it a miss! I was almost in tears ! love you dear daughter~!

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  1. Happy Diwali Lakshmi and gorgeous shoes!

  2. You finally got your parcel! Good for you!
    And so sweet of your daughter to say that!

  3. aaaw those last lines are sooo spl! Imagine coming from a small gal at tht ... God bless her!

  4. Happy Deepavali Sonia.

    Yes GirlAtFirstAvenue, finally!

    Thanks Meena, i was moved, when she said that!


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