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Oct 16, 2011

Navarathri Last Day Outfit - Emerald Green Bubble Dress + Halter Top

I realized that i did not put up an individual post for this outfit and had directly added it in the Navarathri Vote for your Favorite post! This outfits deserves its share of limelight isn't it, so here it is

I made this dress in about 2.5 hours and did not try experimenting too much!

Skirt : Bubble Hem (Slightly twisted, twisted hems are my latest fetish and i am trying variations before i come up with a tutorial)

Yes the skirt is bit long and even looks like Harem pants in the below shot, but i loved the material so much and did'nt feel like cutting out the length and since she wears a green T-shirt (the only school uniform!) on about 2 Fridays in a month, i do scout for lot of green skirts / pants to go with it and this is the latest to join such collection!

Top: Halter Neck with ties! Pleated tucks with twist at center + Sequin embellishment + elasticated back

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  1. she s so cute akka...and the dress rock..

  2. I too loved the color a lot. I wonder how u manage to complete a dress in under 3 hours!! Sounds like a daunting task to me :)

  3. Thanks Vji!

    Thanks Megha! i chose a simple design as i had limited time and had to finish this dress on the same day (last day of navarathri!)


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