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Jun 5, 2012

Moving to Malaysia !

Hubby has a project on offer for 2 years in Malaysia and we will relocating by end of June.

Any readers from Malaysia, who can provide me with valuable inputs regarding living in Malaysia,?

Schooling; i am more worried as the international schools are too expensive to afford and rest of them are not Montessori oriented, Adithi (5 yrs 7 months!) is currently studying in a Montessori environment where she has the freedom to explore and learn and i would love it if she can find such a school in Malaysia as well..

Priya of Colors and Spices had been of great help by providing valuable inputs on living there. I would love it if more readers can help me out with this , as i have never ever lived anywhere out of Chennai., so far all these of my life!

Thanks in Advance!
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  1. Safe travels and good luck in your new home!

  2. Good luck with the move dear... I am not sure which part of Malaysia you are moving. It can be a very exciting place. Jus like any major city, be careful and take care..... I am from Singapore, however, I have been to KL and other parts of Malaysia several times....

  3. Oh how exciting! Enjoy every minute of this fabulous experience! What a wonderful opportunity!

  4. Hi, I'm malaysian. It's ok here for your family espeacially your kids. We have 3 main races and one of it is indian. We celebrate Deepavali, so don't worry. Welcome to Malaysia ;)

  5. Hi there.

    There's an Indian International School in KL which is possibly montessori based, according to their website.

    My daughter's attending montessori pre-school - and it's reasonable priced. Well, at least to me. :) Though, I think they cater only until 6 yrs old.

    Have a good day.


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