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Jun 18, 2012

Back to School - Skirt & Top with Peplum

Adithi's school re-opened after summer holidays, last Thursday. So it was time for a new outfit her, in fact it has been quite sometime since I made her a dress !

Skirt can be made easily using the 20 Minute skirt tutorial

Top is just basic bodice with piped neck and armhole. Peplum adding that extra zing to the otherwise pretty ordinary outfit.

By mistake snapped up bit of fabric at the fabric and hence darned the same. To cover up the stitches add a bow at the back!

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  1. that's a pretty dress :) the peplum sure add something extra.. all the best for you next stint in malayasia..hope you will continue posting there also :)
    take care


  2. Hi! Here is the award for you


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