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Jul 1, 2012

2 Saree Blouses worn at Weddings

I had to attend to 2 weddings in 2 weeks. Snaps from the wedding which took place last week are being posted below The patch work motifs which can be sewn on, are really so cool. They can be glued on but won't last long, hence decided to sew them up by hand and they really pep up the blouse! 

 The back view of the blouse wherein 3 paisley motifs have been added

 Sleeves which are shaped up at center and highlighted using 2 pasiley motifs and bead dangles at center!

Now time for the saree which i had worn at the Wedding reception later in the evening. Cotton candy saree so the right prop to go with it ! I posed for this snap right in the middle of the wedding hall , with anxious people giving me amused glances.

Back Open blouse and since the material was lace with slight gloss thread work on it, did not do any further embellishment on it.
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  1. Those are gorgeous! Beautiful job. I really like the cotton candy pink on you.
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  2. love the blouse with paisley motifs! I'm on vacation, I enjoyed wearing my dhoti pants and plan to wear them more:) Hope all's well with you, many hugs!

  3. First one is lovely .. You did those embelishments :) or it was with the material?It makes it look like petal sleeves!!


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