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Jul 11, 2013

Kitty Party Skirt N Top :)

Self-Love promise that i had made has been a blessing. My wardrobe is showing improvements. The latest addition is the skirt which was made under 2 hours, simple A-Line maxt skirt, the fabric has pre-folds and stretches , making it easier to draft with leeway for minor adjustments :) Tieup bow belt at the front was last minute addition

I had got this skirt fabric ages back along with the fabric using which i had made the bow neck diagonal stripes kurta for my sister. So finally its time to bask in limelight had come. After having made the skirt, i didnt want to compromise on its look by pairing it with a tee, this required a top of its own and what else can be more versatile than a white top.

So how do i make a plain white top stand out without adding embellishments, hmm use Pattern Magic, so i followed the Cowl neckline with assymetric facing as reference and tweaked the cowl line a little to get the kind of neckline with interesting yet subtle design element, that i was looking for.
The top took 3 hours to make, of which most time was spent on drafting. What would i like to change, well... i would like to make it as underlining, instead of facing next time, this pattern is one for keeps, and you will see a lot more tops in similar neckline soon. will post a separate pic of the top with dark background so that you can see the cowl drape more clearly.

Image from Pattern Magic i opted for the asymetric facing

Now the skirt and top was ready to be worn, i wanted it to be an occassion to make its debut, so when this kitty party came up, i thought it was the perfect day to dress up and show myself some self love, i did two homemade masks this past week to be able to match up to this outfit ;)

All set to flaunt the new outfit but at the very last minute, i had second thoughts, now wait a minute, just look at the swim tan on my hands, and I have made yourself a sleeveless top, oh no , what to do now, make a shrug and cover up those tan lines but still let the neckline of the top speak up.

How to do that, something which is sheer and stretchy so that it covers my back and hangs on the sleeeve cap, just about hiding the skin shade change, without blocking the front view of the neckline. guess what , this was the easiest to make and i made the shrug in under 15 minutes and wore it hot off the sewing machine and rushed to the party :)

Yes, life has changed a lot for me after relocating to KL. I attend kitty parties now, it will surprising to people who know me from Chennai, i had never ever attended kitty parties back home, in fact had gone in to a shell after i had quit working and hardly mingled with other ladies in my residential colony, there was also another angle to it as the colony lobby back in chennai was notorious for its gossip mongers and i hate gossip , so i opted to stay out of it. Moreover my MIL would go down to the lobby along with my daughter , when she goes to play, so it may have unknowingly made me to stay back at home. All these are things that i realize now after having moved away from there...

Earlier when i was in school and college, i loved being in a team, being in the limelight, mingling with people, participating in competitions, that persona in me had slowly faded off in the joint family setup after marriage, child birth, less personal time, but with new found private space , it feels like I have regained my long forgotten outgoing persona :)

I love the bunch of friends i have made here, they are there for you , yet respect your privacy and most importantly no gossip , so its my kind of bunch of people, hence easier to mingle. Look forward to the kitty parties every month and hope to add a new outfit specially made for it, good enough excuse to help improve my wardrobe isn't it?

I have more colors to me and plan to reveal my colorself and enjoy the gifts of life, coz its just one life to live i have plan to live it, get ready for more self love as high-low skirts,elegant tops are coming up next week

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  1. Now thats what I call a grand entrance!! Beautiful

  2. Sewing is a blessing and sew is your skirt! You look lovely! It's amazing that it only took you a couple hours...what more is possible?!!!

  3. Hi Lakshmi, I've featured your outfit today...


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