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Aug 6, 2013

High low peplum top

High low has been in trend this spring summer and may be even since last fall. I have wanting to do high low skirts , still in my to-do list but decided to do a top this time with high low hemline :)

Peplum top has been in my to-do list for long and this was the time to expo ent as I wanted to make something which I didn't have in my wardrobe, a special one for my birthday. But I fell sick 3-4 days before my b'day and with the sedative medicines didnt have time to finish the top on time. 

I took so much time in deciding the design for the front bodice, I had made princess seam top bodice and lining in cotton and wanted to do a draped overlay in chiffon in the top part. The bottom portion is peplum which is already decided. It's just the top that is still was in dilemma .... I tried cowl , then it looked oh so normal, so tried pleated cowl but somehow didnt like the way it turned out, the anti-biotics kind of blocked my mind, may be ...

As I was running out of time, I decided to do  something which isn't draping , but can be flat pattern drafted and tried out , so decided to try the twist top draft and viola there it was, I could feel this is going to work .. But it was already late into night and I wanted to rest and be as well as possible on my b'day... 

It was my b'day already, the top wasn't ready, but I didn't  mind as hubby was on leave and so it eased my domestic chores a little . After Adithi was back from school, we went to the Sky Bridge of Petronas Towers, the trip that she wanted to make for long, but one which he had been avoiding as we got mixed reviews and expensive tickets and pre-booking increased our reluctance. We had promised her that we will take her on any one of our birthdays ! So it was today... It was so much fun and is indeed a must do thing for anyone visiting Kuala Lumpur :)

The day after birthday ,I had gone back to my medication and it was drowsy day , so hardly much sewing, managed to finish the hem of peplum part and its lining.  Made a circle skirt with waist round measurements and had only the outer hem and for the inner waist line, moved the paper draft of inner waistline off the center  by a few inches and then cut the inner waistline circle, viola high low hemline is so easy now ... Added invisible zipper to side seam and only thing left was add sleeves

The next day is one i look forward to everyone month, a kitty party with friends in the condo... Sleeves are flutter ones which looked the easiest to make in half hour and there it was the top hot from the sewing machine... Paired with white. n black pencil skirt and I was off to the get together ...

The best part about the top is that it asserted my belief that sewing skills had shown a big growth curve as the inside of the top had such clean finish as outside, there was nothing that I could complain about ..,.

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  1. Nice job! I'm not a big fan of the high low hemline, but it looks nice on your top. Very flattering.

  2. Same as Jamie, I'm not always a big fan of high low hemlines. Some look great and work well, but many just don't appeal to me. Yours is FABULOUS, Lakshmi!!! I love it!!!

  3. Love this peplum top. They are my new favourite


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