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Aug 14, 2013

Black Gold Skirt on a holiday ...

Remember, the Mehindi dress I made in May... 3 months have flown by already ... Phew !

I made a mistake of cutting the center back skirt portion of it on fold and hence had to discarding as it had zipper opening in the dress... So what do I do with that skirt piece, decided to keep it in my stash and make a skirt for self after some time and there it was all but lost in my memory stash !

One Saturday morning, I got up early with full on sewing mojo, rummaged through my stash (oh yes my sewing room needs some serious cleaning ) and found the skirt piece, made another similar piece to make up for front of the skirt. Hemline took most of the time, with tricky tissue fabric border, which is in fact curved shape and not rectangular, hence it took lot of time getting it right ... Skirt is not lined and i decided to pair it with knit skirt petticoat.

Now that the skirt was made, it still had to wait for its debut for a good 2+ weeks! I had been to Penang for a 5 day vacation, where the skirt finally saw the light of the day :) visit to the palatial mansion of last Chinese mandarin Cheng Fat Tzee in  Lebuh Leith, Penang was the right backdrop to make its debut .... Those blue painted walls were so luring to pose in front of ...

Have paired it with Black Magic Top



  1. Wow looking fab with those goggles and lovely dress on......

  2. Your skirt looks great! a useful and very nice basic :)

  3. Very nice skirt. Love the boarder.

  4. Wow!! your black magic top is adding more glamour on you dear :)

  5. nice skirt

  6. Pretty skirt! You are really creative:-)


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