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Sep 21, 2013

Child @ Play Tunic

The moment I saw the Fb post of Fabric Fanatics, stating availability of Children at  Play collection fabric feature Child Parade , I had to get it ! The very same weekend I went to their shop in Summit USJ , actually to get colourful canvas fabrics to make wardrobe organisers (a detailed post on making of the organizer is coming up soon ...) and after the canvas material was done with, I checked out this fabric, which was bit expensive and hence got only 1/2 yard and after reaching home realised that it wasn't too broad for a skirt but decided to ahead with by making a godet skirt ... Also got contrasting pretty in pink with white clouds fabric for waist yoke.

Everything was cut and as I had made up my mind to sew, Adithi saw the pieces and said , wow a new top for me ! So now the about to be made skirt was gone and it had to be a top, there lay the pieces for next couple of days, until I made up my mind as regards the design to make, so as to camouflage the lack of enough fabric and patching up bits of fabrics, so decided to play up in the front of the bodice and cut the front waist yoke pieces into 2 and added small pieces of fabric to form center front with a piping in between to justify the patch!

The height of the patched center  front was still shorter than side pieces, so made a pleated piece which was added to the top CF pieces and now they were ready to sewn the side front pieces, the front bodice is full lined and has a piped neckline which is in somewhat bucket shape again to camouflage the joining pieces at the front !

With the front bodice done, it was time to work on back bodice which had to have a opening, so made a placket style opening and added hook and loop to the underside and stitched buttons to the top side to cover them well ... This top sure has lot of camouflages ...

The skirt portion of top was simple gathered pieces of rectangle fabric with children parade print at the hemline, which was finished using blind hem stitch. And oh yes, it has pockets, as both Adithi and me love our pockets :)

I guess I have to alter the armhole to make it bit more deeper to be even more comfy , after which 
In the next week sewing to do list is to make couple more wardrobe organisers (oh yes I have already made a couple ) and then make an outfit for self using the mesmerising print fabric of just 1/2 yard ! Oh yes that will be one challenge ... And then Deepavali sewing comign up and then of course , the big day in November, Adithi's birthday ball gown to be sewn...Princess Aurora is the inspiration for this year's bday outfit and last year I missed out on sewing the outfit for her due to our relocation to KL, so need to more than make up for it ...fingers crossed :)



  1. it turned out gorgeous, L! i really like that you made hook n loop closures and hid it under buttons.. the buttons are so cute and perfect match to the print!

    aditi looks so proud of her new top. great work!

  2. Such a sweet, sweet little top, Lakshmi!!! Gorgeous fabric and I love the shape of the top.

    1. I've featured your beautiful top today, Lakshmi...

  3. This is beautiful! I almost feel like i want one for myself

  4. Gorgeous! Love the way you changed and adapted- Adithi looks happy too! :)


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