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Nov 21, 2013

Pirate costume for my girl pirate !

I have already been immersed with sewing the grand birthday dress inspired by Princess Aurora , for the past 3 weeks or so. So it felt like huge accomplishment and to much relief that the dress was complete. Now I can look forward to Deepavali sewing, but no... My little princess loves springing surprise outfit requests out of the blue !

She had a Halloween parade at school and wanted to dress up as Girl Pirate . Me being the indulgent mom decided to give in to her custom request and put Deepavali Sewing on hold and get started on this outfit.

Do you like to sew costume, i somehow love doing them, imagine turning your dreams into reality, your vision to dress up as a character becomes real, the sheer joy and the loads of fun that comes with dress up , for me who believes in fairytales all along, especially for someone with bittersweet past , sewing up a costume is the just right excuse to indulge and envision all those dreams, my little girl dream on, you amma is here with you and for you in all your dreams and wish for them to come true, love you my little darling ! Check out the CellPhone costume and Robot costume i had made earlier for Adithis Fancy dress back home in chennai, though not made of fabric, still costume right !

Out of this outfit I had one thing done already the eye patch using felt and elastic , which I had made a month back , ever since the first trace of pirate fever caught on with Adithi..she even has made her own pirate map for treasure hunt you know ....

For the skirt part made use of white and black vertical stripe pieces, seamed together, this took a lot of time , though simple it was tedious !

The top was a white peasant top style with shirred neckline and sleeve hemline . Though pirates wear long sleeves, my pirate wanted a short one!

Then comes the vest , which though I would have liked to make in red, but since I had no red in my stash and had little time to do fabric shopping , decided to go with black and added maroon satin ties to it . Vest has loop tie up oepning the front and is halter neck 

Hat was stor bought so it saved me he hassle of making one!

So , Ta Da here comes the pirate out 

Group pies with rest of the merry team @Halloween @ School


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