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Nov 21, 2013

Deepavali Sewing - my outfit ..

Lots of Deepavali Sewing this year.

Outfit for Adithi , One for me and Two for my sister.

Made Sister's outfit first and she is yet to mail me proper pics. so cant share them as of now. made them in a hurry , in a span of two days, one dress a day and managed to send it back home, just in time as surprise gift for her. love you little sis :)

Now let me show my Deepavali outfit, which got delayed due to impromptou Pirate costume. since i was running out of time and had to sew something up fast and had decided to use the Mysore Silk fabric i had been hoarding for 4 years now !!! I had to make a quick and wise decision, use a tested pattern and ensure that fabric is done justice with.

Decided to use the same pattern i had made for my sister's second outfit . It was manipulation of darts to get a yoke shape. Altered it to fit my measurements. so the pattern was ready. Next challenge was to get the right lining for the fabric as silk was very think as is the nature of mysore silk. Luckily got the exact shade of color, lining fabric and got started. Made bottom on a day and top on next day.

Bottom is simple Churidhaar with lots of extra length to give gathers at ankle. The silk fabric is so nice as it feels as if you are wearing nothing .

Top is the Yoke kameez, where in i used bottom fabric for contrast and added the zari which was available in the top fabric.

The zari is Original Silver zari !

This kameez is one i will treasure and hopefully give it as ämanat to my darling daughter when she grows up as one of the outfits that her mom was proud that she sew !

Added the zari to the side slits of the kameez as well as bottom hemline at the front of the kameez.
This was the most difficult part and surprisingly took more than an hour to sew.

One thing i wish i had changed in this outfit was that in  a rush of using the pattern i had drafted for my sister , forgot to alter the neckline depth at the front, it is too up for my liking, but still comfortable enough so no issues.

Funniest tid bit in sewing this outfit was, that in the mad rush i had forgot to make drawstring for the pant and on the day of deepavali as i was trying to wear it, i realized the folly and made one drawstring using scrap bottom fabric , and wore it hot off the sewing machine ;)

In love with this traditional Churidhaar Kameez, what about you?

Here is a sneak peak of Adithis Deepavali Dress, for which a separate post is coming up soon...

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